DIMRNL - 019 - Arco Enarmonico & Hope Every Day - (2014) (Split) The Ritual Begins

This release by the label DEAD IN MARS RECORDS follows with two amazing projects dark ambient, drone, and much experimentation. With only two sounds one Arco Enarmonico and other of Hope Every Day.

 Link: https://archive.org/details/DIMRNL-019-ArcoEnarmonicoHopeEveryDay-2014SplitTheRitualBegins

Genre: Dark Ambient

DIMRNL - 018 - Molten Lead & Hari Maia - (2014) (Split) Molten Lead & Hari Maia

It released today the split: "Molten Lead & Hari Maia"
Both are from Brazil and produce closer to the sound we can say is that Noise, Harsh Noise and Power Electronics.

This is a special job to many other releases coming soon here on this record. Listen and enjoy!

Download: https://archive.org/details/DIMRNL-018-MoltenLeadHariMaia-2014SplitMoltenLeadHariMaia

Genre: Power Electronics, Harsh Noise, Industrial, Noise

DIMRNL - 017 - Adam Sapphire - Chapter XI: New Earth Order Knights Of Hope

Album a style closer to seem Industrial and EBM with a little Hip-hop.
With eight amazing songs for you to venture out and have fun with said curse words in the song that are really cool.

Genre: Industrial, EBM