Atrax Morgue: Tribute (Compilation)

Hello to all!
In tribute to this great legend that has ever existed on this planet, agree to send me your music? Please send me your music (more like than ATRAX MORGUE, better) at most 5 MINUTES, send to me for my email:
DEADLINE: Saturday, November 30, 2013
This is done to revive this great legend of our Power Electronics and Death Industrial.
Many thanks to all who can attend, I would be honored! Thank you!
It has to look like Atrax MORGUE in: Sound, thematic too and voice, if possible but not required the voice.
Release: Dead In Mars Records (Net Label) (CD-R DIY, Net Label)
Please FOLLOW THE RULES. Thank you.

DIMRNL - 005 - COJAA - (2013) Suicide Is Beautiful It Is Necessary

Today released the album at the label COJAA, by the labels: Dead In Mars Records (Net Label) and Resistência Marginal at the released in net.
COJAA works with Dark Ambient experimental sounds of this great album, shows very well the sound of it.
He is from Brazil, and throws little in your project COJAA.

 You can download here:

DIMRNL - 004 - Angústia & Hari Maia (2013) (Split) Angústia & Hari Maia

It released today split Angústia & Hari Maia by the labels "Resistência Marginal and Dead In Mars (Net Label), two projects in Brazil that make Harsh Noise.
Angústia: with your sound much heavier and pulled the Experimental Harsh Noise
Hari Maia: Power Electronics.
Can find the link here:

Another Link:

DIMRNL - 003 - Noise Jihad - (2013) al-Jumhuriyyah al-Yamaniyyah

Third album released by net label in the label Dead In Mars Records (Net Label), Hari P. Maia, who throws everything both style as shaped cds.
This project depicting a beautiful HNW perfect quality, taking you to a beautiful setting on its cover.
In just a song, it can leave you in a beautiful ambience of pure sound Noise, Harsh Noise and of course HWN.
Very good, highly recommended and released by Dead In Mars Records (Net Label) - 003. Enjoy it!